Kick Ass Speakers

all of the people making this thing possible


Creative mastermind/shitty light guru

Brandi Potter

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I’m an award-winning wedding photographer working towards moving to the West Coast. I’m lucky enough to have been picked to be part of Rangefinders 30 Rising Stars in 2018.

I adore my shitty little dogs, bouldering, and creating art that my clients love. I’m very passionate about traveling and seeing all that this world has to offer, as well as giving my clients the best possible experience, no matter where it is.

I’ll be teaching how to create art in shitty light and shitty locations (cause let's be real, not every wedding is on a beautiful mountain top during golden hour). I’ll also be leading a live shoot in less than ideal conditions so that you can learn how to apply your new skills. It’s all about growing and learning together, and I can’t wait to see what I can learn from you as well.


Client experience artist

Kyndall Elliott

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I’m lucky to be based in the beautiful PNW, and used to working in any and all weather and lighting situations. My work has been featured in numerous publications including Junebug Weddings, Offbeat Bride, LooksLikeFilm, Ruffled Blog, Rocky Mountain Bride and Modern Luxury magazine.

I admit to loving the following: trashy victorian romance novels, my big-bearded husband, my crazy Australian Shepherd, and anything to do with nature and horses.

Despite living in a small town in middle-of-nowhere Idaho, I operate a thriving wedding photography business and would love to teach you how to do the same. Client experience is one of the most important things that can set you apart from your competition. I’ll show you how to make your clients fans who rave about you and send more clients your way. And teach you how to make your local vendors love you, enough to send couples your way too! The shoot I lead will be focused on how to make your couples comfortable with you when you're under pressure to get amazing images in a small window on a wedding day.


Be more like paul woo

Paul Woo

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Wake up at 6:45am, shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, drive to work, lunch, meeting, dinner, tv, sleep... rinse and repeat. I was a slave to the corporate world, and in 2014 I packed my bags and traveled the world till I went broke. It woke me up.

I am still an engineer, problem solver, but I am definitely a photographer and foodie first. Currently labeled as a wedding photographer, newly moved to NYC from Ohio. However, always finding a reason to escape to a new place to experience the food, culture, and scenery.

Early on in my career I faced burnout and it made me realize I had to change the way I saw the industry and especially change myself to be a better person. I want to share with you how you can wake up every day and be excited to grab your camera.

You may have seen my work in Junebug's Best of the Best. Rangefinder 2018 Wedding Contest and Fearless Awards, but awards don't mean anything if you don't love your couples and what you do.


your guiding light to intimate moments

Seth Sanker

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The name’s Seth. And honestly that’s all I can really think of to put into this bio! It’s always a little odd having to write about yourself, but here we are! I live in Southern California and shoot weddings primarily.

I guess one would say I’m known for the intimacy of my photos. I always tell people that witnessing the human spirit in its most genuine of forms drives me to continue creating my art. It's an awe-inspiring sensation when you take a photo and immediately feel as if you've immortalized someone's true nature.

To me, it’s just about capturing a moment, capturing humanity, capturing exactly what you are going through at that exact time, and sharing that with the world. Telling a story is what’s most important to me. I want to capture someone’s spirit. Their essence. Their love. Love is the purest emotion, I feel, humanity has.

I create because I want to remind people why they love, or how they have loved, or maybe even what happened to their love and how it has evolved. It's about human connection, at the end of the day. I want to show people's connection, but just as well, I want to be able to connect with others that view my photos. Art is here to bring the world a little closer together, and at the very least, help people feel a little less alone. That’s why we do this, for community and for humanity.


Instagram marketing wizard

Dan Hand

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You probably haven’t heard of me and that’s cool. Hey! I’m Dan and I'm a photographer primarily serving the West Coast. I split my time between Denver, Colorado and my hometown of San Diego, California. I’ve been super fortunate to photograph couples in dozens of different cities across ten different states over the last five years with more being added to the list every year.

I love being outside at golden hour. I love video games. Strangers regularly approach me to talk about facial hair. Candy and soda are my vice. Dogs and kids generally love me because they see me and assume I have snacks. They’re probably right.

Like many people I have a complicated relationship with social media. On the grand scale of things I’ve got next to no online following and I rarely make time to share new content. Through a combination of identifying my ideal (and reachable) client, precise targeted ads, and branding I’ve been able to reach hundreds of real couples and convert the overwhelming majority of them into bookings. I can help you do this too. Stop worrying about how many people follow you when you should worry about who follows you.


mother effin’ power couple

Kaila & Jay Loftus

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We're a husband and wife team that started in the music world. Jay is a musician and was pursuing his music career in New York City when we met. I was hired to film a couple music videos for him and it turned out we're a pretty great team. 

We've been working together since the day we met, so the transition to running a business together was pretty easy. We've figured out the best way to communicate with each other, pinpointed our strengths and weaknesses and have loved working together for the last 5 years. 

Our favorite question is " I don't know how you can work together AND live together!" because we can't imagine it any other way.

Kick Ass Helpers

We couldn’t do this without them


Personal Chef/SEO Wizard

Ronnie Rodriguez

I’m a Software Engineer based out of Idaho and food maker extraordinaire. I married my awesome wife and photographer Kyndall Elliott on Halloween, and we have a small menagerie of pets including of two dogs, one nice cat, and one kind-of-only-okay cat. Besides making awesome food, I specialize in SEO optimization, website development, and Wordpress. I'll be available throughout the week for in-depth website critiques and SEO advice. I'll also have lots of awesome snacks so be sure to say hi!


Workshop Mom

Kathryn Hasara

Kathy will be available all weekend to help out all our speakers and attendees. She’s a talented seamstress and artist, will is open to answering any questions about wedding dresses or how to make a business out of art. If anything at all crops up that week in regards to lodging or any logistics issues , Kathy will be the one there to help you out!