10 Questions with Kyndall Elliott

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1. Tell us about yourself!

These always feel a bit awkward to brag about yourself, but here it goes. I’m Kyndall, the PNW is my home but I’ll shoot anywhere. I have two dogs and two cats that I’m a little obsessed with, as well as a lovely husband. I write sci-fi novels on the side. I like really fancy yogurt. This is my third year as a full time wedding photographer. I’ve been featured in OffBeat Bride, LooksLikeFilm, Junebug Weddings and a bunch of other blogs/publications. I’ve supported my family with my business alone. I’ve been transitioning to shooting more destination weddings.


2. How did you get started in photography?

I started shooting film in middle school, I think my first 6 rolls were all black because I didn’t load the film right. My dad always like to complain about how much money he wasted on black rolls. My mom still has some of the pictures I took as a kid hanging up around the house, I can never decide if it’s embarrassing or endearing haha. I was a hobbyist until college, until my dreams of becoming an editor at a publishing house died. I quit school and started building my career as a photographer instead.

3. Why are you passionate about photography?

My clients. I think the wedding photography industry can be really toxic in the way it views client relationships. It’s really easy for photographers to lose sight of what really matters on a wedding day, the two people in front of you and everyone they love.


4. What will you be teaching?

Making a kick-ass client experience that will gain you fans. One of the best ways to get repeat business is making your clients rave about you.

5. What are you most excited about when it comes to the workshop?

Definitely meeting our attendees. My first few years in the business were rough. I didn’t know what I wanted my style to be, I didn’t know where I wanted my business to take me. I wish I had started going to workshops earlier to meet people in the same boat as me, so we could be each other cheerleaders. I’m excited to be excited with our attendees about their work and their business. I’ll be a cheerleader for you guys any day of the week.

6. How do you stay inspired during busy season?

A few ways, most of which involve unplugging. My cousins come up every year to spend time on the lake, and there is no service out there. I love being able to take my dog and leave my phone at home, while I unwind and watch beautiful sunrises come up over the mountains and on the water. It’s great to hang out with my cousins kids too, they’re almost all grown up now so I really appreciate the time I spend with them in the summer.


7. What’s one thing you can’t live without in your business?

Man there are so many things. Definitely Tave. My husband, who answers emails for me while I’m traveling and shooting. My Langly and Think Tank bags, my Holdfast. Most important is probably coffee haha.

8. What’s the best advice you’ve ever gotten about your business?

I have two that really stick out to me. The first was follow the light. Even if the background is crazy, it’s always easy to make a beautiful image if the light is beautiful.

Second would be that I only need 20 people each year to see love the same way I see love. This was really an eye-opener when I was struggling with bookings a few years ago, and it made my goal seem a lot more attainable.

9. What do you shoot with?

I just upgraded to a Nikon D5, and I have two 750’s. I’ll be getting an 850 to pair with the D5 before the end of the year, and selling the 750’s though.

Lens wise: Sigma 135mm, Sigma 35mm, Nikon 24mm, and a deconstructed 50mm I free lens with.


10. What’s your favorite thing about owning your own business?

100% the flexibility in schedule. I’ve had a lot of family stuff happen this year, and my mom really needed help in Texas, 2000 miles away from me. I was able to rearrange my schedule to spend a month with her there. That kind of thing is invaluable to me.

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