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We’ve noticed this shift in the wedding industry, and we’re just not fans of it. We keep seeing more and more workshops pop up that are filling photographers heads full of fluff and sending them off into the world with little to no useful information. We believe that photography workshops should be more than just a perfectly executed styled shoot or people telling you you’re doing things the wrong way.

We’re here to teach you useful shit you can apply in every day business. We’re here to teach you that harsh light and bad locations are not the worst case scenarios. AND we’re here to talk about the not so fun things like money and social media. We handpicked our speakers because we know who they are as people and we know that they have been running successful businesses for awhile now.

Where is it?

When is it?

Just outside of Seattle in Cle-Elum.

October 21-24, 2019

What are you teaching?

We’re going to cover how to shoot in less than ideal locations and light. Getting natural intimacy in your photos. Posing. Caring about the shit that matters. How to actually run successful instagram ads. Money. How to run a successful partnership. Live Q&A where anything goes.

Did I hear something about a Halloween Laser Tag Party?

Why yes you did. So bring your party pants and costume and get ready to relive your childhood. We’re going to let loose and have some fun while we let all of that useful information soak in from the days prior.

We want to take a moment to acknowledge the workshops that don’t suck. We feel it’s important to support the people in the industry who are making a positive impact.

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